Persia small dragon boat

Persia small dragon boat


Persia dragon boat Co. established in Feb.2021 to componsate lack of drgon boat and related equipment including  but not limited to dragon head,dragon tail,drum, drummer seat and steer in IR-Iran at first step .        At second step Persia dragon boat tries to expand its production to fabricate all types of paddles and canoe  applicable in canoe sprint ,Dragon boat activity

Production procedure

Persia dragon boat made of 2 pieces ,internal and external pieces

Each piece made of seveal layers from poyester resin and Hi-quality fiber mate under direct supervision of quality control. The quality contol supervise the the shelf life of used material, the resin combination ratio,ambient temperature, hummidity and ...   per ISO 10240:1995 - Small craft - Owner’s manual

Each pieces will be balance statically then pressed together . In order to provide good buoyency

And fill the gap etween 2 layers the adequate foam will be injected. Finally boat will balance statically.                     The center of gravity of boat is near seat number 3

The persia dragon boat is made based on The IDBF Small Model 912, designed for crews of 10 paddlers or less

Persia dragon boat is ideal for training purposes, junior racing, recreational dragon boating and general development, as well as a good alternative boat for Festival  and local as well as international races

Boat specification

Material : Full fiber epoxy resin

Length: 966 CM without Head

Width : 107 Cm at widthes point. measured from outer wall

Hight  : 55 Cm at deepest point

Weight  : 180 kg, without Head , tail ,drum, drum seat and steer

Test procedure

 :Product sample test will be performed as followings

Boat measurement and weight control-

Conrol of boat balace in water longitudinaly and latrally-

Boat leak check after filling of boat with full of water during 24 hours-

After performing above  item adding additional weight (around 500 kg) on board to control buoyency of boat and second leak check for additionl day

 Dynamic test with 10 paddlers after 4x1 hour with continuse paddling-



 After reciveing order ,the Boat(s) will be deliverd within  30 working days for 5 set of dragon boats with related equipment

The color and desing of logo or marking and trade mark will  be designed per customer request free of charge

Quranty and after sale sevice

All Persia dragons boat have quranty for 3 years from production date in case of not abuse detected or founded defect(s) related to improper production, In this case boat will be repair by Persia dragon boat in place of customer free of charge

This Co. commited to give services or spare parts for 7 years after sell

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